5. Disadvantages of tracheostomy

1. It is a surgical procedure and hence has morbidity and mortality rates associated with surgical procedures.

2. The tracheostomy tube will have to be cleaned periodically.

3. During early phases periodical suction must be applied hence hospital support is a must.

4. The patient may not be able to use the voice. Some tracheostomy tube like the Fuller's metal tube may have a speaking valve which could help the patient to speak, the patient must get used to plugging the hole while speaking.

5. Decanulation is a complicated procedure.

6. Since the upwards and downwards movement of larynx is important for swallowing, patients with tracheostomy have swallowing difficulties because this movement is restricted

7.  Leaving behind a tracheostomy tube for long duration may cause the tube to detach from the neck and become an airway foreign body